About ShroomShare

About UsIt is an interesting time for those of us who explore the psychedelic world. Accessibility of psilocybin mushrooms along with their societal acceptance is on the rise. Many people have become curious of the effects of these products and the benefits that can be gained from them; the answer, is many. However, the legal status of magic mushrooms in Canada makes it difficult for consumers to get access to clean, high-quality psychedelic products. This is where we come in. ShroomShare bridges the gap between the retailer and the consumer to allow both parties to benefit from each other. Unique businesses are given an opportunity to advertise themselves while consumers gain the ability to view and compare a wide variety of psychedelic businesses in a singular online space. With legalization on the horizon, a hub that can connect us all will be advantageous, and ShroomShare will be the one that brings everybody together.