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Have you ever popped a Boost gummy in your mouth and thought “I wonder who made this…”? Well, we are a team of dedicated cannabis enthusiasts who believe in the power and potential of cannabinoids. 

Long before we ever started Boost we were obsessed with edibles. Together, the founders recognized a hole in the market when it came to high quality products made from scratch. There was no shortage of edibles available, but it was difficult to find ones that were lab tested and consistent in their dosing that tasted good as well. That’s why Boost was created! Our team has combined our love of well made hand crafted candy and combined it with our passion for all things cannabis. 

Just like our policy of using only the best ingredients, this extends to our staff as well. We’ve built our team out of people, that beyond anything else, are kind and compassionate. Its with this family like atmosphere that we work together every day to make the best possible edibles. We’re not just the makers but also the consumers and it’s that mentality, along with a dedicated and ever-growing group of customers, that has brought Boost to where it is now.

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