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Mindful Myco was born on the belief that real medicine stems from mother nature. We are located on the West Coast of Canada in Beautiful British Columbia, rooted in one of the most biologically diverse cities. Our inspirations are rooted with the connection to nature; the sheer depth of our mountain ranges, the lush rain forests to the untouched rivers and lakes that run through our rugged coastlines. A truly magical place that demands a deep sense of respect and honour to mother nature.

Through harnessing and understanding the natural benefits of mycology and nootropics, we have put forth a team of experts in both nutrition and mycology with one focus in mind: to create the best quality product. All our products are made fully in house from Spore to Sale. We at Mindful Myco believe in the integrity of knowing where your product comes from. Using our proprietary growing techniques matched with our many years of experience in Mycology, we have curated a line of products as natural as the earth they grow from.

Our process is what separates us from the rest, we are extremely process based. We begin by sourcing our spores from only the best breeders in the world. Our Spore to Sale process means we vertically integrated, we handle everything in-house from the strain selection, growing and harvesting to blending, packaging and shipping. When you try Mindful Myco for the first time, you will realize the sheer amount of love, dedication and detail that goes into our products. All our mushrooms are grown in the most stringent and sterile environment, we hand pick select mushrooms and match the strains to the perfect recipe before we carefully blend and create our capsules. The final products are made carefully with the precise measure dosage and upmost consideration of quality and consistency.

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