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My name is Brian, I’m in my 50’s and own the company Miracle Farms. Much of my life has been spent in the US Army, since 1989 I have been stationed in South Korea (ROK) Germany, Fort Sill OK, and Fort Bragg, NC. My MOS is 13M FA, MLRS… multiple launch rocket systems. I began working in the mycology field in 2005 and started my business in 2010. All the products I offer are made by me using years of experimentation, using my own tried and tested formulas. I do not follow the recipes of others; I make my own through trial and error. I literally have experimented hundreds of times getting my products such as my mushroom pre-mix nutrients power, agar recipes, spawn jars and bags, LC jars…perfect. When I finally do get it right, I do not share my formula with anyone. I’ll list the most common ingredients on the label, buy secret ingredients, and stay secret.

I also add 24K Gold flakes to most of my products for several reasons. First, I believe it helps promote fungi growth, and second, in LC broths, the mycelium seems to use the flakes as a starting growth point. This makes the distribution of mycelium more even and helps to prevent clumping. Either way, I say this because I want to ensure you that your sample is not contaminated. I maintain a mushroom library of over 100 popular strains and test each one monthly excluding the cordyceps stains, they are tested twice a month. A visual inspection on agar is made as well as DNA testing as needed. All work is always done in the lab in front of a laminar flow hood (several)

Although we grow over 100 gourmet stains in our Florida-based lab/farm, we source all our psychedelic and cubensis spores from two well-established distributors based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This ensures we always have high quality, lab collected spores and we only buy in bulk! Our spore syringes, swabs, and prints are no older than 60 days and are close to contaminate-free as we can make them. No company can claim 100% contamination-free, especially when dealing with spores, however, with almost two decades of experience, we now come pretty close. We also sell gourmet mushroom cultures, agar plates, slants, and growing equipment at eBay and Etsy stores and take pride in our customer service and feedback. We do not sell spores and related products on Ebay or Etsy…of course.

The selling/trading of psychedelic mushroom spores is legal in most states and countries around the world. It’s your responsibility to know the laws in your area and as always, all our spore products are for research purposes only. Unfortunately, have not found a US-based bank that allows the selling of spores, even though they are legal to trade and sell. So, for now, we only accept payment via cash, check, money order, Zelle, GPay, Cash App, and Bitcoin.

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