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Prior to Monomyth’s creation, we found ourselves presented with some abrupt life changes. As is often the case when life changes suddenly, many existential questions were dredged to the forefront and, as we mulled those questions over, we discovered that we weren’t satisfied with the status quo.

Dissatisfaction typically begets two main outcomes: one, to complain or two, to stop complaining and act. We decided to dust ourselves off and to accept a call to a new adventure, thus Monomyth was born.

Armed with our combined passions for science, mental wellness, art and all things psychedelic culture, we set out with a singular mission in mind: To help people and make the world a better place along the way.

Through Monomyth, we seek to promote an understanding of psychedelics that is grounded in science, research, ethics & harm reduction.

While we are not here to claim psychedelic medicines are a panacea, we do believe they will play a crucial role in shaping mental health care in the future. We are curious people, and we invite you to get curious with us as we navigate all aspects of the psychedelic revolution.

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