Mushroom Cuts YVR

Dispensary, Online Shop
1717 Davie St, BC, Vancouver, V6G 1W5
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Just up the street from Vancouver’s sunny English Bay, there are colourful new signs advertising magic mushrooms for sale inside a barbershop that’s been operating in the neighbourhood for years.

Walking up a few stairs and through Mushroom Cuts‘ glass doors, you’ll see two salon chairs framed with neon lights that pop against the navy blue walls. Behind them, there’s a glass divider, and a voice behind it asks, “Looking for some mushrooms?”

“We were seeing a big uptake in the mushroom and psilocybin market, and we decided to make it a mixed-use retail space.”

The business used to be a six-chair barbershop known as Multi Culture Cuts, and now four have given way to a dispensary that’s part of Vancouver’s new crop of shops selling mushrooms and psilocybin products.

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