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“Sero” is short for Serotonin – a chemical released in the brain most commonly known for impacting mood, cognition, reward centers, learning, and memory.


Our team is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario.


A deep belief in the power of psychedelics and alternative forms of medicine brought our small group together in 2019. We all personally use psychedelic and plant-based medicines in our own lives and are driven to share our passion and knowledge through Sero. We have felt and understand the magic they can provide.

We believe in advocating for the social and cultural acceptance of psychedelics, but also for legal and medical legitimacy.


We believe in accessibility and that there should be alternative forms of medicines available beyond pharmaceutical prescriptions and traditional psychological practices.


We believe you should feel empowered to question the current structure held in our health systems and explore your own consciousness.

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