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We would love you to know more about us and our mission!

SHAFAA is a decentralized Canadian premium brand, quality-grown magic mushrooms packaged line of products, and advocate for conscious consumption of natural psychedelic mushrooms to serve the healing, mental wellness, and betterment of our consumers and clients.

We are consisted of a progressive, conscience and pragmatic team of scientists, technologists, therapists, premium growers, artists, social activists and business savvy entrepreneurs who are fascinated with the miraculous benefits of using psychedelic mushrooms thoughtfully and respectfully, to transform the current state of human mental wellness and thus, consciousness. Our mission is to share this natural medicine with you, educate you about the best and safest protocols of its self-administration and be with you along the way for your full integration. We want to make the world a better by potentiating citizens psycho-spiritual capacities and pulled up our sleeves to do it properly!

With the current state of the world that is deteriorating every day due to humans’ egotistic and scarcity-based views, low-cost and widely-available means to support our mental wellness and self development are crucial and non-negotiable. As more academic research is conducted on the benefits of naturally occurring psychedelic mushrooms and results are showing to be promising, our SHAFAA team recommends our community of consumers to use magic mushrooms with proper protocols and in accredited psychotherapy settings. Better world orders will be crafted by the healthier and elevated minds.

SHAFAA team is UNITED mindfully when it comes to helping our sisters, brothers, and fellow citizens to fulfill their true potentials through defeating their traumas, fears, and mental constraints. We are strictly DIVERSE when it comes to the color of our skins, our genders, nationalities, ethnicities, spiritual believes and neural systems.

We honor and acknowledge the indigenous owners and ancestors of this beautiful land, their rituals, and shamanic wisdom. SHAFAA in particular holds a great respect to Mazatec shaman healer, Maria Sabina (1894 – 1985) for introducing the healing magic of psilocybin mushrooms to the western world.

Welcome to the SHAFAA community! Our mission is to create for you a memorable and elevating experience through our proprietary and premium magic mushroom consumer products, verified protocols and meaningful integration services. To ensure that, we are always available for you here. Contact Us and SHAFAA’s Customer Success Team will be on top of your case to earn your full satisfaction.

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