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After a year of pandemic life, Canadians have had to be creative and find new ways to feel connected to the world around us. Many people have begun spending more time outdoors and using psilocybin either therapeutically or recreationally. Many people are discovering and exploring the health benefits of microdosing or a good trip. Psilocybin is now more popular than ever before, with online stores and dispensaries popping up around British Columbia in downtown Vancouver, East Van and Victoria on the Island.


However many of these services still have barriers to access, the need to sign up to a website and provide credit card information, or to sign up for a membership at a dispensary present just a few of the unnecessary and time consuming hurdles between you and the medicinal properties of psilocybin. At Shrooms To Go, our mission is to get the magic of mushrooms into more people’s hands, and to make it safer, easier, more convenient and more inclusive. It’s a service we wanted, so we made it happen, and we’re excited to share it with you!


Just call or text us, and our professional staff will deliver a variety of quality dried psychedelic mushroom strains, psychoactive gummies and chocolates directly to your door within the same day. So this summer, whether you are looking for an energy boost for increased productivity at work, need a spiritual reset, or looking for a trip to the stars, you can count on us for all your zoomer needs. Our services are available in Vancouver and Victoria and we’re just a call or text away.

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