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Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in the Northwest Territories?

The short answer is “No”

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Magic Mushrooms are still illegal for usage, possession and trade in Northwest Territories and the rest of Canada. Rare exceptions are made by Health Canada for those facing end-of-life illnesses. 

History of Legalization in NT:

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) is a piece of Canadian federal legislation that governs the legal framework surrounding controlled substances, including illegal drugs, certain prescription medications and most importantly psilocybin and other magic mushroom products. The CDSA was enacted in Canada on May 14, 1997, replacing the former Narcotic Control Act and the Food and Drugs Act as the primary legislation controlling controlled substances.

Penalties for Possession or Sale of Magic Mushrooms in NT:

For the possession of psilocybin, individuals may be subject to legal action under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Potential consequences vary based on the quantity in one’s possession but often involve fines of up to $1000 and the possibility of a maximum 6-month imprisonment for first-time offenses, with penalties escalating for repeat violations. It’s important to note that while the laws governing magic mushroom possession are not actively enforced, it’s advisable to remain informed to ensure personal safety.

On the other hand, selling or trafficking in magic mushrooms constitutes a more serious offense. Penalties for the sale of psilocybin can lead to substantial fines and incarceration, with the severity contingent on factors like the quantity sold and the individual’s prior history of drug-related offenses. If involved in activities such as exporting or trafficking, the accused could face imprisonment of up to 10 years.